Location, Logistics at Chiba

I give the basic information of Chiba and the latest local news here because I would like you to know about Chiba in Japan where my office is located. I am happy if you are interested in Chiba as one of your investment target in Japan.


First of all, do you know where Chiba is?

Chiba is located next to Tokyo which is one of the largest market in the world. You can easily access there from Chiba. That’s a good idea if you want an office in Tokyo however, it is quite expensive. You need to pay almost double or triple for your office if you set it in the central Tokyo compared to Chiba.

Chiba has a big port named Chiba port and a large airport which is Narita airport. The Capacity of Chiba port is the largest in Tokyo area and the 2nd largest in Japan. Container ships regularly come there from China, Taiwan, Korea and Thailand.

Narita airport is the largest international airport in Japan. Tokyo also has the airport however the capacity for the international flights are limited. The amount of goods shipments by Narita is 5 times of Tokyo airport. In the view of distribution, it is a good option to set your office in Chiba event though your target market is in Tokyo.