Multi-language menus and leaflets

Chiba city announced to offer a subsidy tohotels, restaurants and other shops to prepare multi-language menus andleaflets for foreign tourists. Chiba city makes a strong effort to developinfrastructure to attract foreign tourists.

I understand there are still room todevelop without some specific business area. However, these are not only forChiba but for Japan-wide. Public transportation is much better than ever andtourists can find their way and take a train smoothly. But it is not easy tofind restaurants with English menu available even in Tokyo.I did not find restaurants without Englishmenu when I was in Amsterdam and all staffs could speak English. This situationis far from Chiba and Japan. We need to improve our infrastructure in this citynot only for foreign tourists but also for foreign residents. Otherwise wecould not expect much more inbound investments.Fortunately,we will have 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. There are lots of policies to developinternational cities around Tokyo targeting “2020” and the policy above is oneof them. I hope lots of cities would become international cities and lots of Japanesepeople would have more skills to invite foreign people.