Business zone in Chiba

I would like to introduce Makuhari area.

Makuhari is located at the center of Chiba prefecture. You can reach Tokyo within 30 minutes by train and get to the international airport called Narita within 45 minutes.

This area has been developed as a new city from 1980’s. Currently there are lots of office buildings as well as a large residential area in Makuhari.

There is one of the biggest exhibition hall “Makuhari Messe”. Many events and exhibitions are held through a year.

It is very convenient for foreign companies because of the following reasons

- Stay close to office

- Get to an international airport easily

- Reach Tokyo area soon

- Get latest information by joining exhibitions at Makuhari Messe


Some global companies set their Japanese Headquarters in this area. I assume some of above reasons affect their decisions. Chiba local government has the investment support center in Makuhari.